There seems to be a lot of controversial issues on how to point 1and1 domain name to Hostgator. 1and1 web hosting company and domain registrar is one of the most popular host companies. Not only that, they also give a free domain name for the first year. But, to point 1and1 domain name to Hostgator does not seems friendly at all. Many have to drop 1and1 domain registrar because they can’t point the domain name to hostgator since hoatgator is their hosting company.

Pointing domain name simply mean changing the domain nameserver from default to your hosting company name sever. But if you are using 1and1 as you hosting company and at the same time your domain registrar, you don’t need much to do other than to just register with them and install your WordPress.

If you are just starting your blogging career, you need to invest before you can start expecting few bucks. Don’t forget that, if you are taking blogging so serious and you are not a top notch blogger, you need to get a custom domain name for yourself and start blogging like ¬†professional.

But getting a free domain from 1and1 domain registrar is not a bad idea. It is not compulsory that you subscribe to their hosting service but they are worth trying.

You can checkout 1and1 hosting package or checkout the list of best hosting company we are very sure of their service.

Back to our business of the day, on how you can easily point 1and1 domain to Hostgator.

Personally, I’ll assumed that you have register for a domain name with 1and1 registrar, and as well bought a hosting plan from Hostgator. Now, let proceed to the deal.

1. Login to your 1and1 domain account using your login details

2. click on the domain name you want to point to Hostgator, and wait for the domin details to load.

¬†3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select “edit DNS settings”

Point 1and1 domian to hostgator

4. Scroll down to choose “other name server “, copy and paste your Hostgator nameserver and pick 1&1 name server from the drop down menu that follows it.


Note: Ignore the warning message and click on save button to effect changes.

5. Wait for maximum of 24 or 48 hours and your site will start working.

As simple as it is, you may find it very whirled to point 1and1 domain name to hostgator. If this tutorial works for you, please share it with your friends.