There is no doubt that PlayStation 5 will be more equipped than PlayStation 4. For the fact that PlayStation 4 is doing pretty well in the market, Microsoft is bring PlayStation 5 release date closer than sooner.

In actual fact, we shouldn’t be expecting PlayStation 5 in the next 5 years or more because of the new PlayStation 4. As a matter of fact, PlayStation 3 and Xbox lasted for 7 years before PlayStation 4 displaced PlayStation 3. But this time, it means PlayStation 5 will come on time to replace PlayStation 4.

With the look of things according to Microsoft, PlayStation 5 is likely to show up before 2019. And in this upcoming release, it seems gamer will finally be able to play 4K resolution on PlayStation 5.

Why PlayStation 5 will replace PlayStation 4 is because the PlayStation 4 will not be able to run 4K resolution even if the console is upgraded.

So, no need to worry about your PlayStation 4 failing to run 4K game because of processing power, PlayStation 5 will carter for that latest 2019.