Flappy Angry bird game is one of the most downloaded Android game in play store. I do remember that a friend was addicted to flappy Angry bird then, but after the flappy bird game was removed from play store, so many lovers of this game went exile and couldn’t have their way to get it back again.

But thank God for Android Lollipop OS. The new OS is equipped with so many features some of which included a cloned flappy angry bird. If your device is running Android Lollipop, you don’t need to bother yourself about Angry bird game. You can easily find your way around your Lollipop device and enjoy your Android lollipop flappy bird game with just a tap.

The Android lollipop flappy bird game seems impossible to play but nothing is so impossible. The only impossibility about Android lollipop flappy angry bird game is that, the games seems to fast and for player to scale through the rough and tough edge of the flappy game, it may take a while and even get to a stage where it will start scaring.

Ever since I have been playing the Android lollipop flappy game, I have not recorded any reasonable score until I found the trick that works. Actually the trick is not by fooling the game, of course that won’t be possible but the device game can be fooled via the animation section to reduce the rate of movement of the flappy game.

How To Access Flappy Angry Bird Game On Lollipop

It seems this is only possible on Android 5.0 lollipop at least. So in the first place, you need to check whether it is at least Android 5.0 Lollipop.

Now, to the deal of the day…….

1. Go to your device settings and click on about phone down the bottom line.


2. Click on your Android version continuously until a lollipop logo is displayed.

Android lollipop flappy bird game

3. Press and hold your finger on the lollipop logo for about 2-5 seconds and the Lollipop flappy bird game will start.

How To Play Android Lollipop Flappy Game In A Simple Way.

It is not really easy to play this Lollipop game. The animation is faster than a newbie could cope with. So in this wise, I will share with you the easiest way to play and enjoy Android lollipop flappy bird game without crashing.

1. From you device settings, click on about phone like we earlier did and tap your device build number for like 7 times or more to enable developers option.

2. Then navigate back and click on developers options, scroll down to the and select transition animation scale and choose 10X.


3. Then repeat the process to play your Android lollipop flappy bird game and you will see what we have done. The ideology is to reduce the game movement, the rate at which the game moves will be reduced and you will able to play around with it so easily.

Note: Don’t forget to change the transition animation scale to 1X when you are done playing the lollipop game.

Have you played Android lollipop flappy bird game before? What do you think?