New Google Android 6.0 Marshmallow has so many features and one of them is easter egg game. This mini game exist on Android Marshmallow OS but some how hidden. When you want to kill some of your time on Android Marshmallow running device, you can start with Easter egg game. It is all about fun and you need to catch fun when it arrives and when you body system demands it.

If you are familiar with Android Lollipop in the past few month, you will discovered that easter egg game is just like the popular flappy bird game.

But it is good to know that Google has added a multiplayer feature to the new Android 6.0 Marshmallow as an upgrade to the previous easter egg bird on Android Lollipop.

And this is how to find the hidden easter egg game on Android Marshmallow running device.

1. Navigate to settings either through the menu or swipe down the drop down option to access settings, and click on about phone

2. Scroll down to Android version and tap continuously until you see Android M logo being displayed.

3. Tap the ‘M’ logo to turn it to Marshmallow

4. Press and hold the Marshmallow for a few seconds until the marshmallow loads and the game screen appears.

5. To start the easter egg game, click on the start button on the screen and you are good to go.

6. You can try the game in multiplayer mode as it supports up to 6 players at the same time.

Playing easter egg game on about Android Marshmallow running device isn’t a child play at all but you can try and see how easy it is.