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7 Best Password Keeper for Android Phones With Plugins

Let me first ask, how do you keep your password? Are using password keeper of any sorts? Or you saved your password using browser password manager like Google Chrome password manager?

I think you know that there is no single registration you will do online that won’t require password? So, am asking again, which password saver do you use?

In the last few weeks have been engaging myself into using different password manager to know which one is better and here in this post, you will get to know the best password managers that offers pro services yet are free.

You will definitely love a free password keeper to help you do the job of saving your password for future use and to save you the stress of memorizing password always.

The common password manager app I got to know when I started using Google Chrome was Chrome password manager, that keeps my online password for me with a master key.

Meaning that I only have to memorize the only password that gives me access to all my password on Chrome.

But over time, I discovered that this isn’t good enough and I need to have another alternatives to save my password for me in case anything happens to my PC.

That is the point where password keeper came into play and am sharing with you here in this post your dream password saver as at this time. Meanwhile, let see what to the simple meaning of password keeper.

 What is Password Keeper?

Just call it keeper of passwords simple! In a more detail view, it is an app or software or plugins that keeps or saves all you password and give you one key access in return to access your saved passwords.

It keeps your numerous password so that you will only have to memorize a single password to access your passwords and other information related to your passwords.

Best Free Password keeper for Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Windows Phone.

We have pro password manager or saver and their lot of free ones. In this post, we will first share with you a free password manager apps fro Android, iPhone, Blackberry, and Windows phone.

Password Keeper for Android Phone

There are numerous password manager right available in Google play store, both in paid and free app section. However, freemium password saver can still go a longer way to serve you better if you can’t afford going for premium.

Meanwhile, the only core different between free and paid apps is some time ads which you can choose to block any ads disturbing you.

So, below are the list of recommended app to keep your password for you.

1. Free Password Manager

If you don’t want to only protect your password on your device, and protect other important information on your Android phone like document, photos, videos, contact and other info, you will have to try this free app with paid feature.

Password Keeper

Most importantly, this password saver app keeps you away from any hackers. Your device is free from intruders from unwanted and unknown fellows.

2. LastPass Password Manager

LastPass password manager app is a 2in1 Android app. It keeps and generate password, autofill website information for you and generate a very strong password for you and still give you a user-determined password to access your information page.

password keeper

With just a single click on LassPass manager app, you can protect entire files on your phone which does not left out audio, video and photo protection.

3. Dashlane Password Manager

This password manager is fantastic, why? You can access your password anywhere if you forgot it at home or in your office.

Password Keeper

Dashlane password manager is also a digital wallet for storing your online wallet password giving an access to access your entire information online including right to secure even your notepad information.

Meanwhile, the password saver has premium version but you should be good with the free version.

4. 1Password-Password Manager

You don’t have to keep your password yourself and other sensitive information including your ATM pin and let 1Password-Password manager do the job for you.

password keeper

This app helps to save and secure sensitive information for both online and offline login with a one master password to access the entire password and information on your Android.

All you have to do to secure your information with this free is to softly choose a username and a password for your password manager app.

Password Keeper for Blackberry, iPhone and Windows Phone

If you are using Blackberry, iPhone and Windows phone. You can download password keeper for your device below.

Blackberry Phone

Windows phone


Top Plugin to Use as a Password Keeper on your PC

In the beginning of this post, we got to know Google Chrome password manager before considering these list of password saver. And now, if you as well want to secure or save your password on PC without installing any software, then what would you do?

Nothing right?

Well, here is an important information for you to consider and this is brought down to the use of browser plugins. Under this headline, we take a critically look at how to use some of the password saver plugins.

Password Saver Plugin for Chrome

If you are using Chrome browser, you can still use a password keeper alongside with the built-in password manager. To enjoy this feature on Chrome browser, first install password keeper or LastPass Password for Chrome.

How to Use Password Keeper Chrome Extension

If you have installed the plugin as at this time, you should be able to see the keepers icon at the upper right of your Chrome browser. And to use it for the first time, consider doing the following.

1. Click on the Password keeper icon, accept terms and condition and then click on continue button.

Password Keeper

2. Click on the icon of the password keeper and register as a new user or login if you already have an account.

password keeper

3. Then, login to your account after registration, create your master password to access your saved information and you are good to go.

Password Keeper Plugins for Mozilla Firefox Browser

If you are using Browser instead of Google Chrome, you can still use either LastPass password and Password keeper on your Mozilla. So, if you truly want to use the extension on your browser, download LastPass and Keeper for your Mozilla.

Yes, do you find this post helpful or there is another password keeper we should include that we missed out, kindly drop us a comment.

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