Microsoft has just released another Microsoft 2016 with lots of new features, subscription plan and improvement. One of the new features of Microsoft 2016 is the Outlook feature that enables you to add an email signature of your own.

If you are using Microsoft windows email version and when it comes to Microsoft office 2016, one feature you can enjoy is the Outlook 2016 email signature. A throwback on the previous version of Microsoft office, the new Microsoft office 2016 allows you to add an email signature and personalize it.

In this post, we will walk you through how to add an email signature to Microsoft office 2016 version.

To begin creating your email signature, click on the drop down menu from the top left side and select options


From the new tab, click on the mail tab from the left hand side and scroll down to select signature option. Click on the signature tab and a new signature tab will open for you to create your email signature. In the email signature settings, you can create multiple signature account.

If you have more than one Microsoft office account, you can create more than one account and configure them separately.


Additionally, some basic things you can do while considering your Microsoft office Outlook signature account, include formating like text alignment, text font, text size and many more. You can as well add link to the signature.

One created, you can further personalize it whether you need this email signature for all new mails or existing ones.


Once you are done creating your email signature and configured them as expected, click on OK button and you are done creating your email signature. And when next you compose an email, you will see your signature at work.