Online store in Nigeria is becoming a lucrative and tractable business strategies this day. Every body want to take there business to the next level. Offline strategies doesn’t not only work like it used to be in the late 80s and mid 90s.

Starting from the biggest online store, Amazon down to Ebay, to Walmart, an Online store has become a multi-billion dollars business around the world. Shopping online has become extremely popular this day, both in developed and developing countries.

In Nigeria, online store has become one of the fastest growing business, and recently Nigeria has turned to center for both online and offline business center for foreign investors.

Now that Nigeria online store is becoming popular, and joining the world leading online store, are we ready to enjoy the benefit of this online store?

Few of these online stores have proved their proficiency and they are quite deliverable. In the past, Nigeria economic may be nothing to write about and how these online store sustained the hurdles, but to be frank, these Nigeria online stores has proved their proficiency by standing tall to help refurbish the country economic and also help themselves in achieving their goal over time.

Here in this post, we will considering the top online stores in Nigeria or sites in Nigeria. Actually there are many online stores in Nigeria but online those we can vow for will only feature in the list.

4. Slotlimited

Slot Nigeria is well known offline store in Nigeria with tens of branches across the country. Slot Nigeria engaged in selling of gadget, phones and computer accessories and to follow the trend of the Nigeria growing online store, slot have also created an online store to help reach thousands of customers and serve them better than they do in the past.


3. Taafoo

Taafoo is one of the best online stores in Nigeria and they are very popular at what they do. Taafoo is not alround online product store, but they are specialist in their specialization. Majorly, Taafoo online store specialized on fashion and they are known for quick service delivery without any delay whatsoever.


2. Jumia Online Store

Jumia online store is a multi-million Naira store in Nigeria. Right from Jumia website beautiful design with quality of images used to display prudcts on there website, definitely you will be convinced that Jumia online store is indeed a great investment. Whether you are visiting Jumia online store on PC or on mobile, you will surely gain the best navigation experience ever.

With over 408k Facebook fans and 20k twitter followers, these is no further argument that they are new to the system. Jumia online store sells varieties of things with numerous category.

With over 20 categories on Jumia store you will be convinced that Jumia online store really merit the second leading online stores in Nigeria.


2. Konga Online Store

Konga online store grows at a very fast rate. The store actually come into existence few months after Jumia online store was launched but trust me, Konga online store have been able to dominate Nigeria online store more than ever expected. The multi-million  Nigeria online store, sells virtually everything.  The battle between Konga and Jumia online store on social media reveals that Konga performs better. With over 418k Facebook fans and 48k twitter Konga followers, it means the two stores are indeed competitive.


Like I said earlier, online stores in Nigeria are becoming extremely popular and trust me, the total number of online stores in Nigeria is far more than these ones. However, in recommending stuff on this blog, we must be sure that they really worth sharing and believe me, these Nigeria online stores are not only popular within the country, they are well known stores outside the country as well and they are Nigeria based companies.

Note: Jumia online store and Konga online store do switch their position often. Do you find your favorite Nigeria online store in the list? And what do you think about these stores?