OnePlus X

OnePlus company releases OnePlus X for sale now. And you can have access to OnePlus X sales channel. The OnePlus X sales goes live first in North America but not every one will be able to get one. If you get OnePlus X invite and you resides in North America, definitely you will be able to get hold of OnePlus X.

Actually the means of getting the device, that is through invitation is not an easy task to get over but not withstanding, for the few people that got the invite they can zoom out now to get their copy.

OnePlus X design does not only catches the eyes at a very long distance but it is beautifully made with 1080p screen with a very strong and demanding battery capacity.

OnePlus X is currently available for sale in North America and if you love what OnePlus X offers in its specs, be mindful of the core specs of the flagship smartphone.

OnePlus X features a 3GB RAM with 16GB internal storage and support an expandable microSD. The 5.0 inch OnePlus X features a 13MP primary camera and 8MP secondary camera  and 2525mAh battery capacity. At the same timw., OnePlus X is preloaded with Android 5.1 Lollipop which the company claimed that they are working on how to bring Android Marshmallow update to the device.

The only deficiency recorded on OnePlus X is the lack of LTE and it depends on your region. This is not a stigmal of OnePlus or disadvantage as the device is pretty good and give values for its price.

The price tag of OnePlus X is tagged at $250 which is still pretty much okay.