OnePlus has announced Android Marshmallow update plans for OnePlus One, OnePlus Two and OnePlus X in a sequence.

Following the official announcement of Android Marshmallow update, OnePlus official forum assured users of how they are planning to make sure they roll out Android Marshmallow update to OnePlus one, OnePlus Tow and OnePlus X.


But the company still hold to themselves the exact date OnePlus users are to be expecting the Android M update for their device.

According to the company, OnePlus One will be the first to get Android Marshmallow update in the first quater of 2016. OnePlus plan to update only OnePlus devices with only CyanogeMod. Meaning that any OnePlus fall short of this criterial will remain on Lollipop.

Also, OnePlus further said that OnePlus Two will receive Android Marshmallow update during Q1 of 2016. The device being equipped with the new fingerprint sensor for maximum security will enjoy the new API when updated to Android Marshmallow.

OnePlus also said that OnePlus X might not get Android Marshmallow update but, they will give developers the privilege to develop a custom ROM for the device.

The plan of OnePlus for OnePlus X to get Android Marshmallow update is for them to release the source code of the kernel to developers which can be downloaded directly from GitHub.

With these, OnePlus users can be rest assured that OnePlus One, OnePlus Two and OnePlus X will get Android Marshmallow update.