Frankly speaking, I don’t believe what I saw in Nikon D4 digital camera. What actually attracted me to Nikon D4 digital camera is still the question that I kept in my diary.

Actually I was searching through the internet for update on Black Friday and Yakata price, but my sight went straight to Nikon D4 digital camera.

Woow!, what a camera. Nikon D4, is the best digital camera I have ever seen. Though, there are other brand of Nikon digital camera but D4 version of Nikon digital camera is really amazing.


nikon-9868-46828-3-product nikon-9857-46828-2-product nikon-9846-46828-1-product

The Nikon D4, 16MP full-frame professional DSLR is capable of shooting at 11 frames per second (or 10fps with continuous AF). In addition to a host of ergonomic improvements compared to its predecessor the D3S, the D4 also boasts expanded video capabilities, to the extent that Nikon is describing it as a ‘multi-media DSLR.’

The camera gains an Ethernet port, a 91,000 pixel metering sensor and an uprated AF sensor that can work in lower light and with smaller aperture lenses. Its sensitivity range can be expanded to a maximum equivalent to ISO 204,800 and adds back-lit top and rear controls to make it easier to operate in low-light situations. The D4 also becomes the first camera to make use of the XQD memory card format.

Price: #1,122,000

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