I have been looking at the new Snokor rocket Z5000 back in October 2015 but don’t actually give it a close look but this day, I decided to look at what Snokor rocket Z5000 has in its specs. Out of hundreds of smartphone that was launched in 2015, only few were affordable for an average citizen who is not smartphone addict. But surprisingly, Snokor rocket Z5000 just settled the scored with an amazing specs.

Snokor rocket Z5000

The price of Snokor rocket Z5000 is actually a peanut compared to some other smartphone price that runs on the latest Android lollipop. The new Snokor rocket Z5000 is a midrange smartphone which is power packed by a Quad core processor, 1.2GHz speed, 1GB RAM with 8GB internal storage under the hood of Android 5.1 Lollipop.

Camera as the point of sale of most smartphone has made few other smartphone with less camera specs not relevant as such in mobile world. Snokor rocket Z5000 features a 5MP rear camera and a 2MP front camera for selfie and video calls.

In terms of battery, the new Snokor rocket Z5000 features an amazing 3600mAh battery capacity that could last for hours. Unfortunately, the device do not feature the trending fingerprint scanner on most new smartdevice.

For the price of Snokor rocket Z5000, you will have values for your money. The Rocket Z5000 which currently goes for 13,000 is a dual SIM smartphone that support an expandable microSD up to 16GB.