New iPhone 7 Release Date, Price in UK and Nigeria

The history of Apple iPhone is dated back to June 29th 2007, and the latest and current iPhone model is iPhone 7 and the new iPhone 7 release date was on the 7th, Sept. 2016 officially on a special event.

Since the introduction of the first Apple iPhone, the products has been marketing by Apple inc with different iOS.

Following the released of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S, more anticipation has been on Apple iPhone model. Before the release of iPhone 7, Apple released the first iPhone 3G on the 9th, June 2008 with codename iPhone 3G.

In July 8, 2008 Apple went on sale officially with varieties of apps on the phone. Fast forward to March 17th, 2009 Apple released first iOS 3.0 Beta which helps to improved the device Bluetooth connectivity and some other relevant features.

This feature was made available on all iPhone 3G. Still in year 2009, Apple released an advance version of iPhone 3G with codename iPhone 3GS. Moving in the trend with iPhone 3GS, Apple release iPhone 4 on the 7th, June 2010 which introduced Apple FaceTime for the first time on Apple device.

On the 4th, Oct. 2011 Apple release another version of iPhone 4 called iPhone 4S introducing virtual assistance, iCloud and Siri.

In year 2012, Apple didn’t release any iPhone version but moving fast in year 2012 with the release of iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C in Sept 2013. iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S were officially released on the 19th, Sept. 2015 which successfully succeeded the old iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S.


The New iPhone 7 Release Date in UK

The new iPhone 7 was release on the 7th, Sept. 2016 and went on sale on 16th Sept which is just a week after the date of release of the new iPhone 7. After the release, the device is now available for fans in 30 good countries worldwide, UK inclusive.

The New iPhone 7 Release Date and Price

The new iPhone 7 comes in three variants. With Apple ditching out the old 16GB model of iPhone based storage, Apple introduced a new based storage of 32GB with a cost price of £719 which is £100 ahead of the official price of iPhone 6S plus. Second variant of the new iPhone 7 price is £819 with 128GB storage and the last variant, has a 256GB option with cost price of £919.

The entire variants of the new iPhone 7 price starting from iPhone 6S Plus differs by £100. This time, Apple did break the rule for the very first time ever. Apple brand only do come in single colour, but with the release of iPhone 7, the device was released with different colours. To be exact, for the first time, iPhone is made available in 5 different colours, introducing new Black variation and Jet Black, and also a glossy variation.

New iPhone 7 Release Date and Price in Nigeria

The new iPhone 7 release date in Nigeria has not been officially announced. But with the trend of the new iPhone 7 on social media and how bloggers have written about the price of the new iPhone 7 in Nigeria, below are the expected price of iPhone 7 in Nigeria.

Due to dollar exchange rate in Nigeria, it is obvious that you will scared to know the price of iPhone 7 in Nigeria mobile market.

The 32GB model iPhone 7 price start officially at N384,665, the 128GB model iPhone 7 price start officially at  N438,165, and the 256GB model iPhone 7 price start officially at N491,665.


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