If you have not seen the latest First bank master card, then you are missing out some good security measure. In actual sense, only few people go for master card ATM, most especially with banks that offers instant ATM card. First bank, UBA, WEMA, and some other notable banks in Nigeria offers instant ATM card, most of which is either verve or Visa and at times, it may be Master card ATM depending on your choice of ATM card.

Most of us that do request for master card are either bloggers or an online shopper. Mainly for online transaction outside Nigeria. So, I don’t put blames on those that doesn’t request for ATM master card, and in fact, some prefer to collect their ATM card instantly instead of coming back couple of days later.

Just few weeks ago, I walked into first bank banking hall and requested for a master card ATM. Thinking it would be just like any other masters card but trust me, what they requested for was a surprise. They requested for a soft copy of my passport (photo passport). And I asked for what? After all, I am not a new customer but the person in charged told me for a masters card ATM, I need a passport to get one and I started wondering why they need it. And still could not find out why they need it so badly.

On a good day, GTBank will not request for a photograph before you can request for a masters card ATM. Well, still don’t know what they intend doing with the photograph though but I will update you as soon as I collect the card as to what is new about the new First bank ATM card. But something within me told me it is about security but I don’t ¬†know how true that is.