In the world of BlakcBerry today, BlackBerry priv is as unique as it were. Years back, we can hardly dream of BlackBerry getting a great device running the Android OS, let alone planning to run Android 6.0 Marshmallow on BlackBerry device.


But this day, without prejudice to what the recent technology is dictating, BlackBerry is moving very fast in the world of technology.

With the clear idea that the BlackBerry priv will run any Android app, that is not just the end of BlackBerry priv. But another talk of the town is the new Emulator for BlackBerry priv.

What did you just said? Well, BlackBerry Emulator for BlackBerry priv. According to BlackBerry;

“According to BlackBerry, “You can add a skin to the Android Virtual Device (AVD) Manager in the Android Studio SDK so that you can emulate the look and feel of a BlackBerry PRIV. This allows you to simulate the hardware keys on the PRIV, including both the power, volume up, volume down and the physical keyboard.”

The new BlackBerry priv emulator makes things very easy for developer. If you are a developer, you are on the good with BlackBerry priv emulator.