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Netflix Sign In: How to Access Netflix Account on PC And Android

Netflix is an online TV show series with one month free account trial. No credit card charged is required within this one month of free Netflix account, and you can decide to back off Netflix subscription if you are not okay with Netflix online TV show.

But for Netflix sign in process within this free trial period you may want to read this post to be able to sign in your Netflix account and use the service all for free.

Meanwhile if you are new to Netflix on TV, you can just sign up for your one month free trial to watch TV’s, movies, online cinema, Oscar award, and the like within this free trial account period.

After which you have to start subscribing on your Netflix account to have access to the benefits of Netflix after your free trial limited time have reached.

Here in this post you will get to know how to create a free trial Netflix account, Netflix sign in process under minimal minutes and how to cancel your Netflix membership.

Netflix Sign In: How to Sign Up For Free Netflix Trial Account

In January this year (2016), Netflix released a complete list of eligible countries where Netflix live TV shows can be watched live with paid and free trial account. Meaning that it is the only countries found on this list that will be able to access Netflix paid and trial account.

Before you proceed to sign up for Netflix account you need to check whether you countries is eligible as gather by CNN.

If you have searched through this list and your country of residence is eligible them you can continue to sign up for free Netflix one month trial account following the steps below.

1. Visit Netflix official website and you will be taken to your country Netflix URL. E.g for Nigeria, when you visit Netflix homepage you will be take to Just take note of the ng after the first backward slash and your country Netflix will carries your country domain extension.

2. Click on join for one Month to get started with your Netflix one Month free trial account

Netflix sign in

3. Netflix has three different plans which are; basic for US$7.99/Mon, standard US$9.99/Mon  and Premium US$11.99/Mon and the click on any of your desired plan. Preferably go for basic and note that you will not be charged for a whole month for free trial on any of the plans and click continue at the bottom.

Netflix sign in

3. Create your Netflix account with unique username and password so that you can easily do Netflix sign in on any of your gadgets.

Netflix sign in

4. You will be taken to payment page. Kindly choose your payment method and proceed with your Netflix one Month free trial subscription.

Netflix sign in

Note: You will not be charged not until you have exhaust your one Month free trial account.

5. Once you have successfully subscribed to Netflix account with one Month free trial you will be taken to account recovery page. Enter a valid phone number to recover your Netflix password if forgotten.

Click on Yes to receive latest TV update and hits the continue button below the page.

Netflix sign in

6. Select the device you will love to watch Netflix on. You can choose your favorite and easily accessible device, meanwhile I selected all so that I will not be limited on any of my device and then click on continue.

Netflix sign in

7. If you have friends that will be watching Netflix with you, fill in their names after the step above and click on continue.

Netflix sign in

Note: If you added friends are kids it will be nice to tick shows for kids as well.

8. For you to be able to complete your Netflix account free trial registration and Netflix sign in on any device any time you have to first verify your phone number.

Click on verify phone number or later but it is advisable you verify your phone number with Netflix so that you will be able to recover your Netflix account password if forgotten.

netflix sign in

Then click on send code and Netflix will forward a code verification to your number and enter it on your Netflix account for verification or better still you can use call the number for me option.

Hence you can just sign in to your Netflix account to start to watch live TVs, shows, cinemas, Oscar award etc.

Netflix Sign In: How to Cancel Netflix Membership

The goal is to watch Netflix for free with Netflix one Month free trial after which you do not want to get charged after a month. The to do this you have to cancel your Netflix membership within 30 days. So, here I will walk you through how to cancel Netflix free trial account to avoid being charged.

1. First sign into your Netflix account and click on the drop menu to the upper right and select account or head straight to cancel Netflix membership account and click on cancel membership.

Netflix sign in

2. Click on finish cancellation on the page that follows to stop Netflix from charging you when you are finish your one Month free trial.

Netflix sign in

3. You Netflix trial account will be cancelled without being charged. If you have added a valid email address you will received an alert that your have cancelled your Netflix membership account.

Netflix sign in

Note: You can take the survey why you cancelled your Netflix account but it is not necessary. What is important is to use Netflix for free and cancel your account after free trial registration.

You can just engaged in Netflix sign in to your free trial account for the next one month and enjoy Netflix at no cost.

NOTE: Do not forget to cancel your MEMBERSHIP to avoid being charged

Netflix Sign In: How to Confirm Your Netflix Status

You can simply checked whether your Netflix account is still paid or free. This gives you a rest of mind that you will not be charged once you exhausted your one Month Netflix free trial account.

The steps below just guide you through how to check your Netflix membership status without stress.

1. Sign in to your Netflix account and click on account from the drop menu and click on billing details or click to go direct to Netflix membership status.

Netflix sign in

The above attachment tells me that after my free month trial Netflix will not charge me BUT I will be be able to watch Netflix free again.

That is it friend…. Netflix sign in can be done on any device depending on what your choice during registration. If you enjoy this post kindly share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Google plus and other social media.

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