Complete Guide to Cancel Or Delete Netflix Phone Number

Here is a tutorial to cancel Netflix phone number when you are about to unsubscribed from Netflix premium membership user. Netflix requires phone number to verify you account so that you will be able to retrieve your password and username if misplaced.

If you are using Netflix on smartphone you can easily cancel your Phone number on iPhone, Android and Widows phone using Netflix supported app. However, this post will also cover how to remove Netflix phone number on smartphone (Android or iPhone).

Meanwhile, Netflix phone number verification takes two forms. Via phone call and through text message.  Not that Netflix support will not contact you via mobile contact when anything happens to your account but the easiest way for Netflix to help retrieve your Netflix password and username is when you enter a valid mobile number to verify your how account.

However here is the simple procedure to follow to verify your  Netflix mobile contact and how to remove it once you cancelled you Netflix premium membership or when you exhaust your Netflix free trial.

How to Verify Netflix Phone Number

This may not really necessary but in case you initially decided to subscribe to Netflix premium account for long you are expected to verify your phone number. So, if you have not verify you phone number on Netflix here is how to verify it.

1. Visit Netflix on your browser and select your Netflix account profile if you have more than one account added to your Netflix.

Netflix phone number

2. On your Netflix profile page you will see a message that says please verify your phone number. Then click on send code to verify you account.

Netflix phone number

3. Netflix will send a verification code to your phone number. This may take a while and if it takes longer than expected use call me feature on the page for Netflix to put a call through to dictate the verification code.

Netflix phone number

4. Key in the verification code to its section and click on verify… That is it and you are done!

How to Change Netflix Phone Number

There so many reasons why may want you to change your phone number on Netflix even without cancelling your Netflix account. Some of the reasons include change of country of residence, change of phone number etc. However if you are on the look out on how to change your Phone number on Netflix here is a guide for you.

1. While you are still on your Netflix account profile page click on your account profile. Netflix phone number

2. Click on Change phone number to the right of your Netflix account membership row and click on change phone number blue icon below change password.

Netflix phone number

3. Delete the initial phone number and enter a number one. After that click on save to change your phone number successfully.

Netflix phone number

How to Cancel Netflix Phone Number

At some point you may want to delete your Netflix phone number totally. To do that you may want to consider this section to cancel or delete your Phone number on Netflix.

1. Login to your Netflix account and click on “Your Account” from account profile

Netflix phone number

2. Scroll down and click on change phone number below change Netflix password

Netflix phone number

3. A new window will opens. Enter your account password and then click on delete to the right of save button and to the left of cancel.

Netflix phone number

4. You phone number will be deleted from your Netflix account. If you want to re-add your deleted phone number again follow the same procedure and you are good to go.

And that is it. You have successfully deleted your Netflix phone number from your Netflix account. To cancel your phone number on iOS and Android just follow exact same method on Netflix smartphone app and you are good to go.

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