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Music Downloader: Top Websites and Apps to Download Music for Free

Every music lover loves to download music for free with music downloader to ease themselves of the stress of transferring music from PC to mobile.

Hardly can you see some that loves music without searching for how to download the latest hits music online, I am not left I think you know.

Listening to music either by streaming the music online or download for offline is a good characteristic of all music lovers. Some music lovers even go to the extreme of learning how to play music instrument and follow the lyrics of music they download to learn more about music.

And to download music online for these group of people gives a lot of headache and they start search for things like how to download MP3 music without music downloader, how to download free music, free mp3 song downloader, download MP3 free, download songs for free and all sort of things like these.

Meanwhile, instead of search for ways to download songs or music or to stream music online or download for offline purpose, you can simply download a nice and updated music downloader so that you can easily search for the best music to download online.

However, if you are search for how to download MP3 songs using app downloader for either Android or iOS and even windows phone, you have come to the right place and you will at the end of this post be able to download free music from sites that offers free music download access and also go home with some reputable apps that can be used to download MP3 songs on your smartphone.

Back in the days when you cannot download songs directly to your phone online, we suffer a lot and missed a lot of music which we could have downloaded back then instead of taking a walk to a computer operator and pay him to transfer or send music to our mobile phone.

But in this recent technology development, it is very easy to download music or songs from the comfort of your room when you are connected to the internet with music downloader installed on your phone.

Meanwhile, below are top websites where you can download songs for free that you probably don’t ever think about.

music downloader

Top Websites to Download MP3 Songs for Free

Suppose you don’t want to download songs using music downloader that we will share in the next subheading, you can simply use these websites to download free mp3 songs for both PC and smartphone.

1. Download MP3 From YouTube

This sounds strange right? Well, if it does there is nothing bad in that but let me tell you YouTube is not only a video search engine. You can also search and download music from YouTube.

music downloader

You can easily download YouTube music just the way you download YouTube video just that you will have to extract the songs from the video.

To extract MP3 songs from YouTube, you can simply check how to extract music from video.

2. Download Music From Wikipedia

music downloader

It is not funny that you can download music from Wikipedia without music downloader and play it with your favorite music player such as VLC or MXPlayer.

Wikipedia is known as article search engine, yet you can download music from Wikipedia sound play list library and play it on your device.

Below is how to download music from Wikipedia and play it on your device without conversion.

1. Visit Wikipedia music playlist homepage

2. Copy and of the music in the song playlist and save it with with m3u extension.E.g.

3. You can then play the music with any music player of your choice. For better music output, I recommend you use VLC media player

3. Your Can Download MP3 Songs From Amazon

Amazon is known an online E-commerce but it’s far more than that. You cannot only buy and sell on Amazon but you can also download free music from Amazon site for free. On Amazon, you can download songs that is not paid and doesn’t hits at the moment. Meanwhile, all old songs can be downloaded almost for free on Amazon but once the song hits, you can download it unless your pay for it.

music downloader

As an Amazon fan, if you want to download Music from Amazon on your device kindly refer to this page on Amazon website

4. Download Free Songs from NoiseTrade

There is possibility that you have heard of NoiseTrade before as a music download search engine where you can download any kind of songs from different singers. This site has a collection of songs you can download such as rap, blues, hippop, raggae, classical, country music, dance, slow dance music etc.

music downloader

You can sort the type of music you want to download according to category. The only limitation to download songs from NoiseTrade is that you must be a registered member otherwise, you won’t be able to download any music.

5. Download Songs from Vimeo

Don’t be surprise that you can also download music from Vimeo video website. What majority know about Vimeo is being a video search engine but it is far more than that. Vimeo has a music library where you can download MP3 songs.

The unfortunate part of vimoe music library is that it only has limited music you can download for free.

download mp3 songs

Free music on vimoe is only available within a specific price range using a hashtags to sort out the music you want to download, such as `guitar music, country music etc.’ which means that it is not easy to sort out music on vimoe but it one of the best music download sites on the internet.

These are list of most visited website where you can download songs without music downloader. And next, we will consider the list of music downloader app you will enjoy on your mobile to download songs for free.

Free Music Downloader Apps For Android Users

There are many free app that can be used to download music and or MP3 songs without bothering yourself to extract MP3 from video. However, these list of free MP3 downloader are mainly for Android users and they will be arranged in the order of popularity.

Music Maniac Mp3 Downloader

As at the time of writing this post, Maniac MP3 downloader is available for free in Android market as the most downloaded music app for Android users. With this app,you can download million of music in a day if you have the mind.

Maniac MP3 downloader is just like a music search engine and you can easily search for your favorite songs and add it to favorite list or download it instantly.

Simple MP3 Downloader for Android

Second on the role is this simple MP3 download app. The app works just like the name sounds. The app is user friendly and easy to use, you can easily search for the kind of music you want to download, add to your favorite songs list.

The simplicity of this MP3 download app include auto complete searched music. All you need to do is get the idea of the name of the songs you want to download, and type it in the music search while the app complete the job for with a list of suggestion concerning the available songs with your input name or song title.

3. Google Music Download App

Google also offer a music free download app for Android users with over 35 millions songs for download. As far a mobile industry and music ins concern, Google play music library has become one of the most visited play music library.

As an individual, you can upload 50,000 songs for others to download and not only that, the app can as well be used as MP3 music player.

4. Free MP3 Download App

The more reason why I like free MP3 download app is that you can easily download licenced song as free to use.

It fast to downlaod songs with this app and the app is sectioned into two different part. The listen part and the download part.

Each section works according to what you want to explore with this app. If you want to download songs, you have to click on download tab while for listening without download, just click on listen.

Since the songs you can search and download with this app are licenced free app so there is no way you can come across a commercial use music via the app.

5. Music Download Paradise MP3

If you are looking for a classical MP3 download output, kindly refer to this music downloader app. With the simple interface design of free music download paradise you are good to go to download your favorite MP3 songs.

One things about this downloader app is that it may take a while before you music will complete download but there is higher tendency that you will always find the music you want to download via this app.

Are you needs met on music downloader? Kindly share your moment and impression with us on this post to be able to serve you more.

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