This is quite much and I think GTbank is taking advantage of their customers. Naira to Dollar exchange rate as the today (07/12/2015) cost #199.05 per dollar, but when you are transacting with your GTbank master card, it is another story.

Gtbank dollar exchange rate

I owned a GTbank naira master card which can easily be used to pay for online shopping. Apparently, I never knew GTBank could charge as Mich as that, when they buy for just #199.05 I think selling should be pend at #205-210 per dollar.

Even in the black market, there seems to be a very slight different between the amount GTbank charge per doller and how much black market dollar price cost.

I just choose to pay for an advertisement this evening, which is a total of $24.47. With that, I was expecting GTbank to charge maximum of $210 per dollar but believe me GTbank charged $217 per dollar and I think that is much.

Although, it is a firm and they needed a way of maintaining their suite but this is much on customers. Selling a dollar for #199.05 and selling at the rate of $217 seems much to bear, most especially when transacting in thousand dollars.

However, note that the amount GTBank charged per dollar is quite different from how much they buy if at all they are ready to. How much is your bank charging you per dollar?