I was in First bank this morning, not for dollar exchange rate or to know how much first bank changed per dollar. I went there for my account stuff and sighted the amount first bank charged per dollar.

Funny enough and lenient enough, first bank is still issuing BVN linkage form to their customers.

If want to know dollar to naira exchange rate, you can just Google search dollar to Naira and current dollar exchange rate to naira will be displayed.

Dollar to Naira

So, without going to your bank, you can actually find out dollar to naira exchange rate.

To be frank with you, this was the same amount first bank was charging per dollar as at this morning for exchange rate. And that is great. This may be different from dollar to naira black market exchange rate with Hugh percentage but this is still fair enough.

So, if you are selling your dollars to first bank PLC, the amount they buy is N199.20 as at this morning. Don’t forget that, the selling price is always higher than this exchange rate.