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100+ Top Sites to Download MP3 Songs For Free

Let have fun with some top MP3 songs download sites that are truly up-to-date and upload latest MP3 music consistently.

In entertaining world, MP3 songs seems to have gained more attention in the past and tons of ever green young musician are putting more effort to make sure that the love for songs are redeemed at all cost and that is the more reason why you see artist producing more of MP3 songs than video this day.

In that wise, tons of website designers and blogger have put up tons of websites where they upload both latest video and MP3 songs the moment it’s released for fans to download.

Meanwhile most online music search uploaded pirated songs and got swiped away from the internet.

MP3 Skull is a typical example of top class MP3 songs download site that got removed from the internet because of pirated copy according to Wikipedia but changed domain name and start upload Mp3 songs again for their fans to enjoy latest music.

This specific page will be updated consistently the moment we come across a better platform to download MP3 songs and take down anyone uploading a pirated MP3s based on our research.

MP3 songs

Top 10 MP3 Songs Free Download Sites

If you are searching for where to download MP3 songs this post will definitely servers you better with the list of over 120 websites we have at our disposal today.

Yahoo is the king of MP3 songs download site with thousands of free songs to download at no cost and without even Yahoo account. If you are a fan of Yahoo you can check it music search engine for latest foreign music.

Google Music

It’s not new telling you that Google loves competiting with top tiers in the industry. Google music is one of the famous music search engine you need to check out for latest MP3 songs and download all for free.

Spotify is a popular music download site for downloading latest MP3s all for free and without necessitating users registration.

Soundcloud is yet a another music search engine that tends to compete with MP3 skulls before it was removed from the internet and now one of the top popular MP3 songs download site.


MP3 Juices is hitting so big this day with quality and latest songs. MP3s from MP3 Juices are sync from different music database and pops up for you to download with one click.

Pandora is an international MP3 sites not currently available for most regions such as African to download MP3 from. But if you can change your IP address using VPN you can easily download favorite songs from Pandora.

If you are a music die hard fan you will want to check iHeart MP3 songs download site. The site top priority is how to get latest songs uploaded for their fans. You just have to check iHeart once and you will find out that you are already into using iHeart as the best site for MP3s.

You must have heard of MySpace music search engine site. If not you just need to scan through the website and you will be glued to it forever for download MP3 songs on any of your devices.

Tunein is another big site that serves as MP3 music database for one click music download. Here on this site you can search for songs using artist name, song title, and you can as well search through the category.


For the purpose of excitment and full MP3, you have to start with Allmusic. It offers service according to it title. You can download virtually the entire MP3 songs from this site without registration and no cost.

Last FM

For latest MP3 broadcast just check in at lastfm MP3 download site. It’s not just a music download site but also an event download sites. Here you will have access to top musician top series music for download without for free.


Jango was the first site I download UK top 100 chart music. If you have any MP3 in mind you want to download and can’t find from the above sites just check Jango.

Top 30 + MP3 Songs Download Site

Below are the top 90+ upcoming sites for MP3 songs download. We will keep an eyes on these sites and promote them to top 10 as it grows.

Top 40 + MP3 Songs Download Sites

10 + MP3 Songs Download Sites

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