Mozilla Firefox finally available for download for iOS 8.2 version.  Mozilla Firefox which was kicked out of its beta version few months ago has finally gained its stand back into App store for download again.

Mozilla Firefox which was invented to rival Google Chrome web browser has all in stock the goodies of Google Chrome browser such as bookmarks, history and numbers of opened tabs.

Before Mozilla Firefox was finaly made available for iOS users, iOS users can only access their bookmarks which was restricted by Apple for inability of third party apps to take place with the type of JavaScript used in writing Mozilla Firefox.

But fortunately enough, Mozilla Firefox fans has gone against the restriction. As a result, Apple has lifted the ban on Mozilla from Apple store and now user can head straight to Apple store to download Mozilla Firefox.

Few of the noticeable features of Mozilla Firefox include: Account syncing for bookmarks, open tabs, history, and even passwords; Private Browsing mode; and search suggestions.

Mozilla Firefox is free for download but your iOS must runs on at least iOS 8.2 or current iOS. Otherwise, your iOS will not support Mozilla Firefox and it won’t be able to work on your iOS device.