AdQuet won’t reject you if Google AdSense does for lack of enough content, privacy policy or whatsoever. AdQuet has set out to rival Google AdSense when it comes to monetizing your blog and earn money directly to you bank account.

Blogging without making money will inflict the thought of quitting into your mind and if you have applied for Google AdSense and got rejected always, you can try AdQuet monetizing method.

Being the last Sunday of the month of October today, we are sharing with you everything you need to know about AdQuet ads and how to apply for AdQuet and get you account approve within few minutes.

What Is AdQuet?

AdQuet is an ads serving network that let you earn from your site by placing their code with, below, above, sidebar or anyway on your content and get paid for any action completed by your blog visitor based on how AdQuet works.

If you are rejected by Google AdSense, AdQuet is a sweet alternative most especially to we Nigeria bloggers. At the same time, even if you have AdSense running on your blog, you can still apply for AdQuet to have multiple stream online income.

AdQuet is for both publishers and advertiser and as a blogger, you are referred to as a publisher but if you want to advertise your business on AdQuet, then at this time you will be regarded as a advertiser. At the same time, you can be publisher and advertiser on AdQuet.

How To Apply For AdQuet Ads

Applying and getting AdQuet approval doesn’t take time like Google AdSense, just follow the step below as we walk you through how to register for AdQuet as a publisher.

1.  visit AdQuet website and click on the publisher tab


2.  On this new page, click on login and click on register from the page or click on register directly from this site. And fill the required information as exact as you could afford it to be.


3. Login to the email you used during the process you signed up and confirm your account for activation. If you confirm your AdQuet publisher application enough you should see some like the image below, the one on green colour.


4. That is it, you have successful registered for AdQuet ads and you account will be approved instantly. The next thing is to add AdQuet code to your blog to start making money.

How To Ad AdQuet Code To Your Blog

You can see it is pretty easy to apply for AdQuet and get approval unlike Google AdSense. Now let consider how you can add AdQuet code to your blog. It is pretty easy to add AdQuet code to your site as a publisher, the guide below walk you through how to add AdQuet to your blog.

1. Login to your AdQuet publisher account and select site. Fill the details accordingly and click on submit. Don’t forget to select a category that best describe your site/blog from the category section.


5. It may take few minutes before it will change your site status from pending to active, just wait for a while and refresh the page.


6. Go back to where you selected your site in the previous step and select Ad code and then click on create to create your first AdQuet code. From the page that follows, fill the requirement the way it pleases and select your favourite ads. But I will personally recommend you select Google AdSense like banner.


7. Once you code is generated, then copy the code and add it to your blogger blog or WordPress. See my AdQuet ad example below


How To Withdraw AdQuet Earning When You Reach Payout

AqQuet is a flexible ad network that makes everything easy for their publishers and makes their website user friendly, AdQuet offer few method of payment for now when you reach the required payout. Below are the authorized method of payment on AdQuet as at this time.


How To Add Payment Method Details To AdQuet For Payment

I believe that you still logon into your AdQuet published account, if not relogin to your AdQuet publisher account and follow the steps below to add your payment detail to your publisher account.

1. Click on payout when you are at your publisher account

2. Now Click on configure and you will be taken to a new page where you will be required to enter your bank details. And don’t forget to select your appropriate country from the drop down menu.


3. Now, verify what you enter once again and click on configure.

Finally, I believe with this post, you should be able to start monetizing your blog with AdQuet, create your ad codes, add your AdQuet code to your blog, and configure your payment detail.

If you have any issue concerning AdQuet publisher network, please use the comment section so that we can be of help.