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How Mobile Apps To Transfer Phone Data While Switching Mobile Phone

Transferring data from device to another is an integral part of various device users. Backing up your device is one of the safest ways to save your data from wiping away but it works easier and mature when you know what to do as to how you can easily transfer data from one mobile to another mobile without losing any data or vital information from your existing old device to the new one. The correlation between my old HTC One V and my new Samsung Galaxy S5 has given me the insight as to what can be done to transfer my data from my old HTC to my new Samsung.


There are quite a number of apps that can be used to transfer data from one mobile to another without losing any information. Going by the number of mobile data transfer app in play store, there are numerous mobile data transfer apps available but to know which work best is not an easy task. Here in the post we have successful bring together the best two mobile app to transfer phone data while switching mobile phone which we have used in one occasion or the other.

Samsung Smart Switch Mobile

Samsung Smart Switch Mobile helps to transfer data between Apple device and Samsung Galaxy brand, e.g. Samsung Galaxy S5. Samsung Smart Switch is a user friendly app that easily helped user to transfer old mobile data to a new mobile without losing a single info from the old mobile. One great feature of this Samsung app, it help users to find an Android OS/iOS which is equivalent to you new mobile device.  The app has the strength to transfer data the internet such as iCloud and iTunes. The betterment of this app is that, it helps you to correlate your old device with the new one and transfer your data from the previous device to the new one.


Wondershare is a multi-functional mobile data transfer app that enables you to transfer your data from virtually all mobile operating system to another while switching from one mobile to another. Some of what can be transferred with wondershare transmission app includes; video, messages, music, files. One of the major strength of Wondershare is the ability to help backup your mobile data and pave way for you to be able to restored it back when things goes wrong with your phone that you really need to format your device or otherwise, factory reset the device.

These two mobile app is a must have for all power mobile users who test thing when they surface at the mobile market. Changing phone is an integral part of human life and if you really want to be stress free from losing any data on your existing device when you get a new one, then the need to transfer your data from the old one to the newly acquired one must be your top-most priority.

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