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Mobdro app: 12 Awesome Features of Mobdro

Mobdro is the apk app you need to watch live football online (my favorite feature). Aside watching football live on this app, there are other enjoyable services this app rendered for free.

Well, before we start analyzing Mobdro apk app, first download and install the app on your Android device.

Note that it’s an apk app, so you have to enable install app from unknown source for you to be able to install the app.

You have to also note that to use Mobdro app is total free and you don’t have to pay for premium version before you can enjoy the service we will share here.

The app offers premium subscription for just £2.99 per year. As far as am concern, this is just too cheap for the service you will enjoy on this app.

The way I see Mobdro, it’s an Android TV for streaming most online contents such as live, football in sport category, latest moves and shows, latest news etc.

Why I see Mobdro as a TV is the ability to Chromecast it on a wide or bigger screen with a premium subscription. With that, you no longer need to complain of enjoying its content on a small screen device with little resolution.

There are many feature of these apk app you will enjoy if you truly know how to use it conveniently, meanwhile this post will address almost everything you can enjoy use Mobdro app.


What Can I Enjoy Using Mobdro Apk App

Apart from streaming live football matches using this apk app, there are still tons of what you can enjoy on the app. And here we are going to look at 12 stand out benefits of the app you can enjoy without subscription.

1. Channels on Mobdro

On Mobdro channels you enjoy free broadcast service like free American broadcasting service, Columbia broadcasting system, the CW, US Public service television, Bravo TV and many other.

While on the channel you want to live on Mobdro, just click on the drop menu and select from the options (Share, download, favorite and play).

2. News on Mobdro

If you enjoy watching news live, Mobdro is just the app you need and watch both local and international news for free on your Android device and iOS.

Despite the fact that the app is an apk file, you can still use it on iOS device and enjoy all these features.

It’s good to know that the online TV brings news to you live on Android, iOS and even on your PC.

3. Shows on Mobdro Apk App

If you are the type that like watching shows online this is a feature for you. You can easily watch online shows on your Android, iOS and Windows live using the apk file.

If you are searching for any ongoing show, you can easily go to show category and search for it TV show category, and you will see tons of live TV show for your enjoyment.

4. Movies 

One of the best ways to enjoy your leisure time is via listening to music or watching movies either at the comfort of your room or just take a walk to cinema house. While you are relaxing at home, you can just switch your Mobdro TV to watch latest live movies during your leisure time.

On Mobdro TV you can download your favorite movie to your device for offline enjoyment or watch later while you are traveling in case of poor network coverage.

5. Stream Live Football on Mobdro

This is my favorite category, and I have written few tutorial on how to use this category such as how to stream live football, watch football live on Android, etc.

If you enjoy watching football, you will find this category interesting and lovely. Without Mobdro premium subscription you are good to watch live matches, commentaries, livescore update etc.

6. Music on Mobdro

Mobdro music section rocks and there are over 50 music stations broadcasting music live on Mobdro. Just like TV Shows  on Mobdro, you can also download your favorite music and listen to it offline.

7. Games on Mobdro

Love playing legendary games? Then check out game category on this app and you will see classic games like League of Legends, Lego the lord of the rings, Mafia III, Counter-Strike, Heartstone, Lucius, Grand Theft auto V, Dota 2 etc all for free and with premium subscription

8. Animal Kingdom

If you love animal kingdom and documentary you will find this category on this apk TV app very useful. You will enjoy live animal documentary in HD version and you can download and save the video for later seeing.

9. Latest Technology Innovation 

If you are a tech addict, this is a category specially made for you. Programmers and website designers even, coding beginners are not left out in this section. This section encompasses latest development on Technology.

10. Spiritual Life

Religions is not left out on this app. Spiritual section contains tops TV spirit broadcasting station such as American atheist, God TV USA, GOD TV UK, GOD TV Australia, GOD TV Africa etc.

11. Podcast

A podcast is an episodic series of digital media files which a user can set up so that new episodes are automatically downloaded via web syndication to the user’s own local computer or portable media player.

You can share, download, and play your favorite Podcast on Mobdro apk app.

12. Others

The other section contains what you cannot find in the sections above. You can explore this section doing so many things like watching movies, comedy and watch other different Mobdro TV channels for free.

If you love what you can do with Mobdro apk app, download the APK and install it on your device.

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