If you care to use Micromax unite 2 and Micromax unite 3, you need to ask whether both Micromax unite 2 and unite 3 will get Android Marshmallow update.

For the fact that Micromax unite devices come preloaded with Android Lollipop OS does not guarantted the device for get Android Marshmallow update.


Both Micromax unite and micromax Canvas spark are closely related in so many ways except in the like of the device price.

And the big question is that, would Android Marshmallow update come to Mircomax unite 2 and Micromax unite 3? We gathered that Micromax unite 3 has a better chance of getting Android Marshmallow update but Micromax chance of getting the update is quite narrow.

Micromax unite 3 will he getting the Android Marshmallow update in future through OTA.

Looking at the total number of Micromax unite series, they are much and not the entire series will receive the Android Marshmallow update but we are so sure of Micromax unite 3 among the series.

Below are few specs of Micromax unite 2 and Micromax unite 3 respectively.

Micromax unite 2 is a 4.7 inch midrange smartphone and proudly powered by 1.3GHz quad core processor. The device is powered by 1GB RAM and support an expandable microSD with Android Lollipop OS as the preinstalled OS.

In the same way, Micromax unite 3 has the same specs except the fact that Micromax unite 3 has a betyer megapixels and more Indian languages compared to Micromax unite 2.

If you own Micromax unite 2 or Micromax unite 3, and desperate about getting Android Marshmallow update, kindly comment below so that we can keep updating the post to suits your better.