The MI Bluetooth 4.0 comes few days after my new Huawei MediaPad T17.0 to give me a helping hand in picking my calls and listening to music/video on the Tab. The Huawei seems too big for me to pick most of my calls and I decided to buy the MI Bluetooth 4.0 just to resolve the issue of picking calls on the tab and listen to music at a distance.

I have been using this MI Bluetooth 4.0 for days now and it really worth updating here on this blog so that if you are using a tab even if it’s not Huawei Tab, you can easily get this recommended hand free Bluetooth. The purpose of buying this gadget is to use it personally for my new Tab, not with the Asus Vivo Note Tab 8 but with my Huawei but I later discovered that I can use the MI Bluetooth 4.0 with both device at the same time.

The MI Bluetooth 4.0 can function at the same time with two different gadgets, yes!!! I mean it is possible to connect the MI Bluetooth 4.0 with two devices and it will work accordingly. Take for instance that you connect the Bluetooth to iPhone 6 where your hot SIM is and connected it to Huawei at the same for watching your video, as soon as call comes in on your iPhone 6, the MI Bluetooth 4.0 will auto-drop the connection between itself and the Huawei to let you pick your call by pressing the assigned button on the gadget and after the call, the MI Bluetooth 4.0 will auto-connect itself with the Huawei device you are watching your video or movie’s on, and you are good to go.

The MI Bluetooth 4.0 only available in three different colours; white, red and black and I decided to go for the black one, they perform the same function though but I think the black MI Bluetooth 4.0 look mature than others.

The benefit of MI Bluetooth 4.0 over other include; easy paring, easy using, easy music streaming with clear sound, ultra slim design and most importantly, the MI Bluetooth 4.0 can cover a normal long distance, at minimum of 10m with blockage but can cover 15-20m without blockage  (in open area).

The MI Bluetooth comes with a USB charger only, and on average basis, when the device is fully charged it can be used up to 4 hours talk time and around 5 hours + while watching film or music.

The device features just three button, the power button and the up and down volume button.

The con of the gadget is that the manual is written in Chinese language which might makes it a bit difficult to understand for a non techie person but for the sake of this review, you are going to learn how to connect your MI Bluetooth 4.0 with your device without using the manual by leveraging your experience my our own.

 How To Connect MI Bluetooth 4.0 With Your Device

This section show you the step by step procedure you can easily follow to connect your MI Bluetooth 4.0 with your gadget, meanwhile I’ll show you how I connect it with my Huawei MediaPad T17.0 in less than 75 seconds (minutes, 15 second) on my first use.

Note: Have it at the back of your mind that the MI Bluetooth 4.0 makes use of your device Bluetooth as its means of connection.


Before you start using your MI Bluetooth 4.0, make sure you charge it properly so that it will not suffer you it battery proficiency.


Long press the MI Bluetooth 4.0 power button for like 4-8 seconds for the gadget to power on and once powered on, the indicator will start blinking, mine indicate blue & red light simultaneously


Click on the name of the Bluetooth to pair your MI Bluetooth 4.0 with your device. And once connected, you will see something like the image below and the blue & red light indication will change to blue permanently as long as it doesn’t disconnect.

MI Bluetooth 4.0

MI Bluetooth 4.0 '-


When call comes in to your device and you are within the range, it will ring and you will be able to pick your call.

To do the same with another device, you have to follow the same procedure and you are good to go.

Since I have been using the MI Bluetooth 4.0, I have been enjoying it and I have no single reason to reject my action for it.

The MI Bluetooth 4.0 cost just N 2,800:00/ $14 depending on the store you are buying from.

Available on  Jumia  and on Konga store