For now, advertising network won’t reject your application if you have been falling behind the scene in using Google AdSense to Monetize your effort on online. advertising network has become one of the best means to make money online this day even with Google AdSense and other advertising network, such as Infolinks, Yahoo & Bing ads.

If you are desparete about doubling your online income or diversify your means of making money online from been dependent on Google AdSense alone, then I will suggest you try advertising network.

I am have going to share we you everything you need to know about advertising network for publisher to day, so stay calm and just follow this post to the end to have a full grasp of what and how network works.

What Is Content.Ad Advertising Network?

The about page of network gives a perfect definition of how they works.

With roots in direct marketing, was one of the first companies to offer successful content marketing services to online advertisers at scale. From there, we created one of the largest sponsored content networks in the world.

Successful online marketing is difficult work. Advertisers can waste online spend quickly with little or no results. helps advertisers to quickly understand their true costs, and locate the right mix that leads to positive ROI. And, in many cases, we are able to massively scale these successful campaigns.

Little wonder then, that for many of our advertiser clients, quickly becomes one of their largest and most trusted sources of online traffic and sales.

Our secret to success? People and technology. They make us special, and they go hand-in-hand.

Thousands of advertisers and publishers utilize our robust self-service system to manage their advertising campaigns every day. Our advertising platform serves more than 20 billion ads every month, generating over 25 million consumer visits to our online advertisers, all at a price that works for them.

Note that this the exact message you need to understand about and to also tell you how real they are.

How To Apply For Ad A Publisher. is just like AdQuet, you don’t need special criteria before your account will be approved and starts making money directly from your website or blog.

If you still need another means of monetizing your blog, you can try AdQuet.

The following steps guides you with the exact procedure you have to follow in order to apply for and get your account approved instantly.

1. Go to and click on the publisher button and then click on get started button.

2. Fill the form accordingly and select publisher from the option ‘I AM A’, then click on join for free.

3. Go to your email and confirm your registration following the link sent to you by team.

You can see it is pretty easy to get into network, and the next thing is how to add code to your blog. Now, let proceed to the next section.

How To Create Code To Your Blog/Site

Creating your publisher code on is a bit different from the way we normal do on Google AdSense. On, it is called widget and in that case, you need to create your first widget as follows.

1. Login to your publisher account and click on widget from the upper right hand of the page.

2. Since you are creating your first widget, you just have to click on new widget, see image below.

3. Once you have clicked on the new widget button, you will be taken to a new page where you will be able to configure your content ad, and how you feel it will be the best for your site. Complete your configuration the way it’s suits you and click on save & continue.

Note: You can choose a name for your new widget

The next thing is to add the cods to your blog. The method for adding the widegt to WordPress blogger is different from bloggers on blogspot. So, let proceed to the next step.

How To Add Code To WordPress Or Blogger

I assumed that you have created your first widget, then we can proceed to adding the code to which ever platform we are blogging on.

If you are operating on WordPress, you can copy the code and paste it where you want to display the advert on your blog or install plugin.

For blogspot users, navigate to blogger on the panel where you copied your code from and select add widget to blogger.

Once you clicked on add widget to blogger, a new tab will open, the select the name of your approved site and click on add widget below it

That is all what you need on how to add to your blog, and in case you are not satisfy with the location of the ads on your site, copy the generated code and paste it to your desired place/section.

That is all about, if you have any issue with, please use the comment section to see if we can be of help.