The fact that you can make free call on Skype and BBM is no longer a news, since they have been in existence for sometimes now but to make free call on Whatsapp is the newest in town but, I doubt it if you are enjoying this free service that let you make call without deducting your airtime.

 If you are reading this post with a heart full of joy, to be frank; you will enjoy the post because at the end you will be able to make free call on one of the world most popular mobile chatting apps. Since Facebook took over Whatsapp, new features have started surfacing on this mobile app, although before Facebook took over, it was one of the best mobile chatting apps with over 40 billion user worldwide.

 If perhaps you are familiar with Skype free call and BBM free call or some other services that let users makes free call over the internet without charging them, then you must be ready to enjoy this same service on Whatsapp as well.

The feature that let you make free call on whatsapp was announced few months ago and all and sundries can’t even wait for this service to be made available for all but it’s quite unfortunate that this service is still limited or I should say the whatsapp free call feature is still a beta version which is still subjected to some analysis and as well as user experience before the entire user can start enjoying it like the other features of this app.

Shortly before the simple step you can follow in order to make free call on whatsapp, note that following any group URL that tells you to complete some actions such as completing a site survey before you can have access to this service is invalid and as such I called it a scam; as at this time, nothing of such has recorded from users that one must complete a survey before the service can be fully enjoyed, and more so, doing such a survey place your privacy at a greater risk when you fill unnecessary form during the surveying process.


Following the steps below you will be able to make free call on Whatsapp just like you always do on Skype and BBM been the most popular free call over internet source before Whatsapp try something new but hopefully, Whatsapp would be able to survive the struggle.

  1. Your whataspp app must be the latest version otherwise, update it to the latest version or download the latest version directly from Google play store

NOTE: As at the time of writing this post, this free service is only available on Android OS, so it doesn’t count whether you have the latest Whatsapp version of your Blackberry, iOS, and Windows.

  1. Since you now have the latest version, whatsapp would display calling icon on the page of a friend that has this feature enabled, then fell free to ask such friend to call you using the service or ask politely as to whether the user have the feature enabled and if yes, ask the user to call you with it and you must pick the call to have this feature enabled. After that one time call from an enabled whatsapp free call user, you too can start enjoying this service. That shows you too can call another whatsapp user that has the latest version to help such user enabled his or her whatsapp free call feature and the trend continues in such form but one user can only enable just 10 another user for now.

And this is all you need to do in order to start making free calls on whatsapp just like any other VoIP apps.

Do you know how to make free call on whatsapp before now? And what are you experience with this whatsapp free call service.

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