Do you think people still make conference call? Actually they do. Few weeks ago, I was on a conference call with few of my old school mate and I was surprised when a friend asked me, how do you go about? I explained to him and that is exactly what I’ll share with this short post.

Actually conference call can take up to 10 different contact or more or less. In a more general sense, conference call involves at least 3 number from different source and more.

Gone are the days, when we do make conference call on MTN, Airtel, and Glo network during extra cool. But we have all upgraded and you hardly see people making conference call at night rather at the day.

It is damn very easy to make conference call on your device, see how below!

Conference call

1. Dial the first number on the list of those you intend enter conference call with.

2. Press option and click on hold button

3. Dial the second number, when the person picks tell him/her to hold on

3. Press option again and from the list, select conference call, then you are on call with two good friends and with you, making three.

4. To add more people, repeat the same process above and you are good to go.

It is as simple as that, you can now start enjoying conference call on your local network whenever you wanted to.