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How Long Does It Take To Make Money From AdSense?

How long does it take to make money from AdSense as an AdSense publisher is a question you love to ask yourself about or like to know-off from other AdSense publishers. Most especially the beginners were very much concern about how much they can really make with AdSense but most time, publishers thinks of what are not necessarily the rudiments behind making money from AdSense.

As a publisher, you love to see your account earning boosting on daily basis but what if the reverse is the case? There are many AdSense publishers that make hundreds of dollars a day, thousands of dollars a month, and in fact, their primary source of online income is AdSense. These guys are different from you but they are doing things differently.

To make money from AdSense, there are some criteria you need to meet. Note that the state of your website or blog does not depend linearly on what you make from your website or blog; so… If you care about how you can make money from AdSense. There are something’s you must focus on for a start and per-adventually keep doing them continuously before you can think of analysing how much you can earn on monthly basis.

NOTE: Earning the same amount from AdSense every time, is not certain but making an average is achievable.

Few things we are going to discuss here will give you insight as per what you can make from Google AdSense. Put this at the back of your mind that making money from AdSense can be likened to laws of diminishing return when things are done the way it should be done.

To know how much you can really make from Google AdSene on daily or monthly basis (statistically), you need to first settle your scores with the following points and after then you can to think of the possible earning outcome.

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Traffic Source

What are you traffic source? Traffic source is an integral part of making money online “AdSense”. Where your visitors are coming from has a significant impact on what you make from your websites. Many bloggers are seeing the traffic but they are not earning as expected. This is not because their blog is not well navigated but the people coming to the sites are not like minded people. The best traffic source that converts perfectly is organic traffic. There is 75% assurance that visitors coming to your blog from Google are really interested in what your post is talking about or how you were able to structure your post title were compelling and pull up the traffic yet the post still fulfil all researchers righteousness.

When your visitors either loyal or recreant visits your blog/website, all you need is there attention and to finally click on your Ads just for you to make your money. Perhaps, the information gotten from the post was not sufficient enough, and then they may now choose to click on your advert since related keyword advert would be displayed.

Always note that you must put your visitors first and not what you want to make in return since that is what can keep them coming repeatedly, publishing unfinished post or incomplete post would not do your any favour.


Making money from AdSense has a lot to do with the country your most visitors are coming from. Naturally, you may likely targeting visitors within your country based on your blog content but the rule of thumb is that; if you are Nigeria or Indian blogger, you will make little from AdSense if your major source of traffic is from your country because their cost per click is very low compared to while your major visitors are from country like USA, UK, CANADA and the likes. Click from this countries are very high, so targeting the right audience will give you are hinge to crush the blogging money making strategy from AdSense. Some publishers claimed that cost per click at times is insignificant, when you are able to generate huge traffic on daily basis but huge traffic coupled with high cost per click is equivalent to huge earning.


Many bloggers have talked about keywords, as a matter of fact is one of the most discussed topic in blog-o-sphere. Talking about choosing the right keyword for your blog post, you have to be very calm and desperate so that your post will not be turn to keyword stuffing post. Keyword tool help to analyse the average number of search per day, month and on yearly basis, so as a smart blogger; you need not to clamour for first page on search engine for the most search keyword related but you can start vying for the first post of maybe, 3rd to the least search keyword per month that can at least bring half of the total search traffic to your website once you are able to maintain first position on search engine base on your keyword.


The overview of how to analyse what you could make from AdSense as a publisher needs these three point and without proper understanding of how they work, you might ends up complaining low earning from AdSense. It’s after you have master this few concept that you will be able to predict the average of what could be your daily earning with steady traffic.

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