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List Of Top 100 Free Proxy Websites

Free proxy website is the only sure way to access any useful which we don’t gain the admin access to such a website such as university Wi-Fi, government Wi-Fi, organisation Wi-Fi etc. It is very painful many times when we want to access video sharing, gaming website, and social networking sites and found out that the prime access had been blocked.

If you still care to access those blocked websites, the only way is to go through free proxy website or a paid VPN. The benefits of using free proxy websites include ability to surf the internet without revealing your identity.

The usefulness of proxy website is to help you unlock blocked websites and make you appear anonymous while surfing any blocked site. The images below describe what transpired from your end to the internet while using proxy website to access any blocked website.

Using proxy website is very easy. All you just have to do is to use any of the proxy website am about sharing with you and go to any website of your choice from there and you will be able to surf the internet anonymously without revealing your identity but be aware that; there are some free proxy websites that contain malwares, virus and safe your details so as to have direct access to your private information. Below are the top 100 free proxy website you can make use when you don’t gain access to a blocked website.

HideMyAss –

Proxify –

Ninja Clock –

AnonyMouse –

AnonyMizer –

kProxy –

BlewPass –

Zfreez –

Vobas –

Don’t Filter –

Vtunnel – –

New Ip Now – –

4everproxy –

Unblock My Web –

YouTube Unblock Proxy –

Working Proxy –

Free Open Proxy –

Proxy 2014 –

Unblock YouTube Free –

Free YouTube –

HideOnline Proxy –

Rapid Proxy –

Unblock YouTube Beat School –

Hiding Your Info –

Unblocker –

Fast USA Proxy –

YouTube Free Proxy –

Proxyo –

Quickproxy –

Defilter –

Free Proxy Server –

Free YouProxyTube –

The Best Proxy –


Just Proxy –

Proxy-2014 –

VPN Browse –

ProxyOne –

Web Proxy Free –

Can’t Block This –

Hide The Internet –

Greatest Free Proxy –

Proxay –

ViewTube –

PRO Unblock –

HideMyTraxProxy –

Working Proxy –

Star Doll Proxy –

HideMyAss UK –

F4FP –


Proxy 4 Freedom –

WebSurf Proxy –

Fish Proxy –

DZ Hot –

1FreeProxy –

Sporium –

Saoudi Proxy –

Proxy Browse –

Proxy Internet –

Jezus Loves This Proxy –

German Proxy –

CA Proxies –

Proxy 2015 –

FB Proxies –

America Proxy –

PK Proxy –

Suede Proxy –

To Proxy –

PHProxy –

London Proxy –

Kr Proxy –

Brazil Proxy –

Canada Proxy –

US Proxy –

Spedo –

US Proxy –

You Liaoren –

Zacebook PK –

Proxys –

Justun Block IT –

Network ByPass –

Go Proxy –

Proxy This –

Me Hide –

Zalmos –

kProxy Site –

Xite Now –

Hidden Digital –

Surf For Free –

Intern Cloud –

Singapore Proxy –

PRO Intern –

Fast Time –

Work Host –

Travel VPN –

Proxy Call MeNames –

Host App –

Fun Proxy –

Note that using virtual private network is more preferable but most of the available VPN are paid. If how ever you cannot afford a paid VPN, the using free proxy website is the only way out to access blocked website.

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