LG bringing hope of it new payment option called LG pay into their service. We have seen big companies using this payment option and they are doing pretty good. LG pay is a new LG payment option and LG is currently working on this service with two local banks.

As far as Asian countries is concern, LG pay is the first payment option to be launched. Although this payment option is not new, as few of the other big companies have found using this payment option such as Apple pay, Samsung pay Amazon pay and Google pay.

So, for LG to have started re-strategizing on how to introduced a new payment option is a new development for LG.

LG official Facebook page confirmed it that LG payment option, LG pay is working in conjunction with two local banks.

It’s official! We have partnered with Shinhan Card and KB Kookmin Card to prepare for the launch of LG Pay.


LG Pay

When LG pay is launch, the new LG payment option will first start from South Korea. After that, they payment option can now be made available internationally but as at this moment, we have not confirm whether the LG payment option will be available soon after it started in South Korea.