LG G3 users will celebrate this year new year with Android Marshmallow OS. First on the lineage of 40 LG phones to get Android Marshmallow is LG G3 first after LG G4 and the LG G3 will be getting the Android Marshmallow update in the next four weeks.

The LG G3, 2014 flagship smartphone which was preloaded with Android Lollipop back then will be getting the Android Marshmallow update in the month of December.

In this trend, HTC and Samsung are just taking the lead in rolling Android Marshmallow update to their devices. And LG is taking a fast lane to join the leading Manufacturers in rolling out the new Android 6.0 update to few of their devices.

The LG G3 Android Marshmallow update is set to be released mid December, (16-18) to be precise.

The Android Marshmallow update will be rolled out first to users in Poland, so if you reside in this region you will start seeing the Android M update on your LG G3 in the next few weeks.

Are you tired of waiting for Android Marshmallow update on your LG G3? No more die hard on Android 6.0 as it is coming to your device in the next few weeks.