New Lenovo vibe X3 just goes official after the launch of Lenovo Vibe X2 since last year. For the fact that Lenovo vibe X3 succeeded Lenovo vibe X2, the two smartphone does not have much similarity in terms of structure.


The 5.5 inch lenovo vibe X3 comes with Gorrila Glass screen protection. This new Lenovo smartphone comes in dual variants and with slight different in the device specifications.

The main variant of the Lenovo vibe X3 has a snapdragon 808 Hexa core processor with 3GB RAM alongside 32GB or 64GB ROM and support and expandable microSD.

The frontier feature of Lenovo vibe X3 that will drive more sale to the flagship smartphone is the 23MP back camera which make use of Sony MIX230 sensor with auto face detection.

Also the Lenovo vibe X3 features a 8MP front camera for selfier which is good enough for most brand front camera. The device feature a 3400mAh battery capacity and support Qualcomm QuickCharge 2.0 for super charging.

In the like of the second of the Lenovo vibe X3, Youth varinat features a 13MP front camera, which is stilll not bad for any kind of smartphone and 5MP back camera which is still not bad for selfie as well.

Aside this, few of other features of the two variant Lenovo vibe X3 are the same. They both support dual SIM and fingerprint sensor located close to device back camera.

The device comes with different price. The first variant comes with a price tag of $470  for the 64GB ROM and $390 for the 32GB variant. The youth comes with $300 price tag.

At this moment, there is no point of sale available.