Glo Nigeria has done it again with data plan repackaged. And many Android users have started porting to the new Glo data plan at a very cheapest rate. In fact, 100% increment of the previous Globacom data bundle.

Glo internet plan is currently the cheapest data plan offered by Nigeria telecommunication network company. If you have been using Glo internet data plan before now, you will be a testifier of this latest Glo data bundle development.  The news has been rocking everywhere that Glo is more or less giving free data bundle that last as expected by users.

The Glo internet data plans differs and its all depends on your preferred data plan. The Glo internet data plan has daily subscription, weekly subscription and monthly subscription. Another good things about the latest Glo internet data plan is that, the increment affect the entire data plans.

Internet data for Glo was cited via Globacom advertisement before confirming it. It’s high time you port to Glo latest internet data plans. The newly introduced plans work on all Android phone without changing the IMEI number of your Android phone.

How To Subscribe To Glo Daily Internet Data Plan

It’s very easy to subscribe to the new Glo internet data plan. All you need to do is recharge the required amount on your Glo SIM and dial the following code. The daily Glo data plan includes 1 day pack, instant surf, always day and smallie.

  1. The 1 day pack Glo data plan cost #50 and it lasts for 1 day (24 hours). Once subscribed to this plan, you will be given 30MB. To subscribe to this plan, dial *127*1# .

2. The instant surf is similar but costier and with higher data plan. The new Glo instant surf data plan cost #100 and it gives 100M in return, that is awesome I think. To subscribe to this Glo data plan, dial *127*51#. Its only valid for 24hours

3. Glo always day cost #500 and valid for just 24 hours. Once subscribed, you will be given 195MB data cap. To subscribe, dial *127*5#. 

Glo internet data plans

How To Subscribe To Glo Internet Weekly Data Plans

The Globacom weekly data plans is divided into two: one week and big week. The data plan differs in terms of its caps and subscription fee. You can subscribe to your favorite Glo weekly data plans by dialing the following code.

The one week data plan is cheaper but seem to be expensive than the big week data plan. The one week data plan cost #400 for 65MB and its only valid for 7 days while the big week data plan cost #500 for 1GB and its valid for 10 days. To subscribe to the Globacom one week and big week, dial *127*52# for one week and *127*57# for big week.

Glo internet data plans

How To Subscribe To Glo Internet Monthly Data Plans

The Glo monthly internet data plans is the real deal. With different 10 data plans tariff, subscribing to your favorite shouldn’t be a problem any longer and you should be able to satisfy yourself with this. Below is the complete list of Glo internet monthly data plans.

Glo internet data plans

How To Check Glo Data Balance

How do you check you Glo data balance? If you are new to Globacom data plans, checking your data plan balance can give you stories that touch, nevertheless, you don’t need to use the whole day to start searching for how to check your Glo data balance.

For the sake of this post, we shall also reveal to you how to check your Glo data balance so very fast. There are different code for checking different Glo data balance. To start with, will shall analyze them one after the one.

How To Check Glo Bounce Data Balance

You can simply check your Glo Bounce data balance on your phone through SMS and the state of your data balance will be sent to you instantly.  To do just that, send “INFO” to “127” without quote and the entire information you need to know about your Glo bounce data balance will be sent back to you.

How To Check Glo Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Data Balance

The above code for checking Glo bounce data balance still valid here, send “INFO” to “127” without quote or send “STATUS” to 777 on your Glo SIM and the entire information concerning your Glo data balance will be forwarded to you via SMS by your network provider. (Globacom)