Android Marshmallow launcher is an exciting way to have a feel of Android Marshmallow on a device that is yet to have a glimpse of Android M update. Wit Android M launchers, low end smartphone users can have a walk around with what is to be expected of Android 6.0 M running device.

Few weeks ago, Android Marshmallow was launched by Google. First to Google two Nexus devices before other manufacturers started rolling out Android Marshmallow Beta for their devices to draw feedback from users.

For the fact that Android Marshmallow and its update of various devices cones with lot of goodies such as improve performance, better battery meter, Finger print scanner support, Doze power saving mode and lot more. There is no much change in the device UI but there are noticeable change in the new OS launcher and app drawser.

So, if you are on the look out for Android Marshmallow launcher, here are the top Android Marshmallow launcher you can’t afford to miss on your Android whether the device is running Android Marshmallow or not.

1. Android Marshmallow launcher

Android Marshmallow launcher gives your device an exact look of a device running Android Marshmallow OS. Just like Android device with Android M, this launcher enables you to customize your device with the device featuring a hidden ability just like the OS.


This launcher is top rates Android marshmallow launcher and of was built around Google launcher and it does not have single issue.

2. M M Launcher

M M launcher is one of the latest launchers with user end customizable feature. This launcher, bring exactly Android marshmallow native nature to your device. There are lot of customizations you can carry out on this launcher and the most notable one is toggling.


With this launched, you can create a new Desktop for your device  and/or edit the previous one.

3. K K Launcher

K K Launcher is also a popular laucnher which was previously made for Android Lollipop as a launcher but now, they now have a support for Android Marshmallow. The K K launcher brings Android M experience to your device such as Android M card draw style, animation etc. This K K launcher features wallpaper scrolling, transition effect, and gesture control.


One more thing I love about this Android marshmallow launcher is the ability to hide app just like you can do on normal samsung Galaxy S5.

4. Material Launcher

This is another variant of Android Marshmallow launcher. The launcher is super fast with light weight. It helps to bring Android Marshmallow look to your device with lots of customization including Android 6.0 M drawer and animation.


5. Android 6.0 Marshmallow Launcher

This launcher is basically a home screen displacement launcher for Android Marshmallow theme. This launcher provide user with basic Android M user experience and let you have  a feel of Android M.


There are some many Android Marshmallow launchers available, but here are the top free ones you can’t afford to miss and it is total free.