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How to Use Kingo Root to Root Android Phones

Do you know you can root Android phone using Kingo root if you don’t want to use Vroot apk , now iRoot Android apk app or perhaps you cannot install the known root app on your device? Well, let talk about this together how to use Kingo root tool app.

If you are having hard time to root an Android phone, trust me you are not alone…. You will be able to use this new root tool to grant your Android phone a root access.

Kingo root is an apk Android app for both PC and Android device. Meaning that you can root your Android phone via direct installation of Kingo root tool on your device or root your Android phone via PC with the aid of USB by simply enable debugging option on your Android settings.

And in this post, we will consider how to root Android device using this root apk app on both PC and directly on your Android.

How to Download Kingo Root Tool App for PC And Android

Rooting has become a must for the past few year just as iOS jailbreak is almost a must for all iPhone users. So, rooting isn’t a new language to the entire populace of Android user but there are somethings you need to know before you grant root access on your Android phone.

What are they?

The perfect answer to that question is found in the article we published few months ago titled reason not to unroot Android phone. If you are satisfied with what you read in the article and you are read to use Kingo root tool to root your Android phone, softly download Kingo root for PC and apk for Android depending on your choice.

In the next section we will consider how to root Android phone using Kingo root tool for Android smartphone.

How to Root Android Phone Using Kingo Root on PC

Following the procedure below you will be able to grant your Android phone root access via PC using Kingo tool root app.

1. Download and install Kingo tool root from the link shared above

Note:You need internet connection on your first connection of Kingo root on your PC to install the required drivers on your PC. refer to the attachment below and you only need to do this just once.

2. Pick up your connected Android and accept the pop up to install Kingo tool root app on your device.

Kingo root 3. Then go to your PC Kingo tool root interface and click on root to begin your Android root access, meanwhile do not touch your phone during this process to avoid brick.

kingo root

4. Your Android will show Kingo root connected interface which means you have successfully connected to the Android root app.

Kingo root

And then hits the root button on your PC Kingo interface to root your device. Next we consider how to root your Android phone with Kingo apk root app directly on Android phone.

How to Use Kingo Root to Grant Android Phone Root Access Directly

We cannot all have a PC, and in that case there should always be a way to ease ourselves of functions we are supposed to carry out on PC directly on our Smartphones. However, this procedure we approach the problem directly from your Android phone.

Note that Kingo tool root is an apk file, and for you to install any apk file on Android phone you must enable installation from unknown source.

Navigate from settings—>Security—>Unknown source to be able to install the app.

1. Open Kingo tool root apk root app installed on your device and click on one click root

Kingo root

2. You Android rooting process will begin instantly. Note that during this period your device may restart continuously. Don’t panic it will come up rooted once done.


Note: It may take a while for your device to complete rooting just chill, it will be rooted and in fact it took me like 5 minute to complete the rooting directly.

3. If your rooting is successful you will see message like the one below and you are good to go and the app will install SuperUser app and needed apps for the rooting assignment to complete.


This exact method works on any Android phone. Meanwhile, in case you have any issue using Kingo root tool to grant your device root access, kindly drop us a comment.

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