You know BootLogoCustomizer is another trending tweak that can be used to customize the colour of your iPhone respring boot logo. Customizing iPhone respring boot logo can be achieved by dwelling around the simple preference panel in the stock settings app.

Although, you cannot re-customize the boot logo that appears when you power on your iPhone but BootLogoCustomizer let you customize the one that appears on respring, and it will show up immediately after the unmodified welcome logo.

iPhone respiring boot logo

BootLogoCustomizer is a paid tweak, but with just $1.00 jailbreak tweak, you can play around and changes the colours of your iPhone respring boot logo.

When you are done with the installation, navigate into the stock settings and find your BootLogoCustomizer’s preference. When you are in the preference, you will see a kill-switch, two sections where you can customize your Boot Logo and the colour of your boot logo background, and after apply changes to the chosen preference of yours.

The BootLogoCustomizer features a colour picker that makes to easy to choose colour of your choice. And in case you already have a hex colour  of your choice, then you don’t have to start wasting time using the colour picker, all you have to is just tap the # sign at the upper right corner and then enter the hex colour your intend using..

When you are done entering your hex colour, click on Apply changes button and your respring boot logo colour will be initiated instantly.

The usefulness of BootLogoCustomizer tweak is to help change iPhone respring boot logo and it does not alter the default boot logo during start up.

If you are aspiring to change your iPhone respring boot logo, the best tweak to make do with is BootLogoCustomizer with just token and it really worth it.

Would you love to use BootLogoCustomizer for your iPhone respring boot logo and background colour?