Apple Inc is working on new Apple device called iPhone 7. As at this moment, full details about iPhone 7 is still behind Apple’s close door. But when we go on a close research on what Apple iPhone 7 will look like, we were able to gather a very few information about the new and yet to release Apple iPhone 7 smartphone.

Although, Apple fans are on the look out for this new and yet to release Apple iPhone 7 but no one knows when the device will leave Apple close door and come to the needy.

As earlier said that Apple iPhone 7 specs is still behind the close door, but were we able to gather some sorts of information hoping to be the exact info Apple iPhone 7 will wear when it finally arrives.

The rumour concerning the upcoming iPhone is coming in two ways, the Apple iPhone 7 and the Apple iPhone 7 plus. Our source revealed that iPhone 7 will put on 4.7 inch size and iPhone 7 plus will put on 5.5 inch size.

iPhone 7 is said to feature a 2GB RAM while the iPhone 7 plus will comes with 3GB RAM.

Other information concerning iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus is fully not known but we will keep you posted as soon as we are equipped with iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus details.

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