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How To Install A New Font In Just 7 Steps

Are you a graphic designer or a Photoshop or Corel draw expert? If you are fond of playing around Photoshop and/or Corel draw to audit your designing creativity, then getting a nice font that will spice up your designs might be one of the top-most priorities that will make your designs look more professional.

Getting the best out of Photoshop or Corel draw has a lot to do with the type of font you use as a designer (Expert) and if you can’t find any font of your choice, definitely, you will have to install such font for self satisfactory or for the purpose of better designs. If you are a window user, you may need to put something in place before you can be able to add install additional fonts to your graphic tool otherwise, the installation may end up not working as expected.


Before installing additional font on your designer tool, such as Photoshop, Corel draw etc; make sure the put the following (Step 1-2) into consideration.

Step1. The software you intend to add additional fonts to must not be running during installation.

Step2. Download your desired font first and save it in a place where you can easily locate or access it. Better still; create a folder on your desktop for all your fonts. Continuing from the next step, you will install your entire desired font within few seconds and without wasting your time.

Step3. From your windows start menu, navigate to control panel and click on it to launch your control panel interface.

Font 3

Step4. When you are right there in your Windows control panel, double click on the fonts

Step5.Once opened, go back to the folder where you fonts were kept and press (Ctrl+A) simultaneously and also (Ctrl+C) to copy the highlighted fonts.

Step6. Go back the windows font interface, and past the copied font there and once pasted all pasted fonts will be installed automatically.

Step7.  After the last step above, launch any of your graphics software and you will discover that there are new fonts (Precisely the one you just added to the list following step above).

NOTE: It’s possible to install your new font by right clicking on it but in a situation whereby you have many fonts to install, it’s wise to make use of the procedure above.

Do you have any issue pertaining to font’s installation on your Windows OS? Leave it in the comment section so that maybe we can be of help to help you sort things out.

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