Instagram block access to other applications s

It is crystal clear that Instagram is very strict about it API. Uploading images to Instagram is another talk of the town. And now, instagram has blocked access to other applications. Another story on “how to”, mostly on instagram. Don’t be surprise that few thing you used to do with third party applications before that has to do with Instagram may start behaving stranging, but why? Instagram has blocked access to other applications and we may all suffer it.

For instagram to have blocked access to other applications means for you to use third party apps to do anything with instagram might be the last thing you would not want to try. For instance, uploading image or photo from your phone to instagram on mobile or Android phone per say might not work again with this move by instagram.

The new instagram guidelines for development  limits developers access to it platform.

Nonetheless, instagram will still not block access to some applications but it will be restricted down to advertisers, developers, and printing press services were affected with this new guideline.

The purpose for this move is to enhance more control on users community to help increase the safety of the platform.

One major reason behind block access to other applications by instagram is that it kills the platform at a very faster rate.

However, the grace that covers developers that access instagram platform is that they have till 1 June,2016 to submit their application for approval and the new have to go through a rigorous filter as from 3rd December, 2015 according Marshable.