Innjoo is coming in a very big way with Innjoo A+ (A plus). After the launch of Innjoo Max 2, Innjoo Max 2 plus and Innjoo 2, subscribers have lost hope in the company that they have finally went exile but that isn’t true about company.

Silence doesn’t means is not in existence. And that was exactly what Innjoo mobility actually did, and, they are coming up with the launch of a new smartphone called Innjoo A+ (A plus). The new Innjoo A+ is expected to be launched during the Jumia week toward the end of this month, meanwhile, the specs of the Innjoo A+ plus is not yet unveiled and as a result, we have limited speculation about the device specs.


We are looking at the new Innjoo A + from the Innjoo teaser on YouTube as being a 6 inch screen device but we can’t ascertain this fact for now. The only specs information about Innjoo A+ is taken from the company video’s teaser.

From the new device teaser we noticed a dual smartphone but we are yet to know which is which in the teaser but watch out for the latest Innjoo A+ before the end of this month. See video below