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Innjoo One Now Available In Nigeria

The new Innjoo one flagship Smartphone which is to be available in some Nigerian ecommerce websites is really threading via the internet where most tech addict has reviewed the new innjoo one.

Going by Innjoo one 3G HD which come silently after its dear brother innjoo note pro this month has revealed to Smartphone lovers that you can really do more than enough on this device. Last year was the era of Infinix zero but early enough this year, Innjoo one has started the mobile world, believing that hardly can any other mobile brand take what the device has gotten. With the device sleekness and beautification, and the device specifications, the performance of the device and its usefulness cannot be over-shadow by any device.

Where To Buy Innjoo One  N27,999    BUY NOW

Innjoo one 3D

Assume official price of Innjoo one 3G when it was launched in Lagos on Thursday was #27, 999, where you can easily pre-order one but of what benefits would it have when you pre-order Innjoo one? This question is what the device specifications review will convince on that “If it is not Innjoo one, then it’s not any mobile” brand for now.

The way innjoo one struck the mobile market is not really hot compare to that of Infinix zero but it’s a better device when compared with Infinix zero. Taking a critically look at the 2GB ram mobile with 13MP primary camera and 5MP secondary camera reveal that the device is going to be the best you could ever think and of course it’s.

The 5.0-inche Innjoo device display with 720 x 1280 pixels with 64-bit octa -core mediatek processor gives it a better chance to perform better than the existing Smartphone that falls with the range of Innjoo one 3G. This device is currently available in just two colours viz: Black and Gold colour.

There is much to say about Innjoo one, but for now we can only say little but soonest, a handy-review of Innjoo one will be publish on this blog as soon as we receive the one I pre-ordered. Joining the true fan of Innjoo one, you too can order your own with just 27, 999.

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