Innjoo 2

it’s amazing that Innjoo 2 is coming also on the day of Innjoo Max 2nd Innjoo Max 2 plus. So, when Innjoo said the new upcoming Innjoo device is not just two, Innjoo 2 is probably the next Innjoo device to compliment Innjoo Max 2 and Innjoo Max 2 plus respectively.

If you are familiar with Innjoo 1, you will definitely glamour for Innjoo 2. It is on the stand of Innjoo 1 that Innjoo mobile company stands and still levarging its marketing experience in Nigeria.

Sure, to whom much is given much more is expected and that is exactly what Innjoo 2 is saying by succeeding Innjoo 1 even with Innjoo Max 2 and Innjoo Max 2 plus respectively.

Few bucks of Innjoo 2 specs will set another platform for Innjoo device here in the country of ours. In lieu of this, let see what Innjoo 2 really has it stock and checkout why the device is likely going to be the best Innjoo device to come by 20th of this month.

Innjoo 2 is a 5.0 inch smartphone with a frontier feature of 13MP back camera alongside fingerprint scanner which will get your Innjoo 2 unlocked in less than 1 seconds, 0.46 seconds to be exact.

Just as expected, Innjoo 2 is proudly powered by octa core processor with 2GB RAM and 16 ROM and support an expandable microSD up to 64GB.

You don’t have to think out for the box for the fact that Innjoo 2 comes with Android 5.1.1 lollipop OS. The device might get Android Marshmallow update anytime, so stay calm and stay focus with Innjoo 2.

The ddevics features 3200mAh battery capacity and it charges very fast and could last for hours depending on the usage.

Innjoo 2 price still not known and I think that was why Innjoo claimed that the new Innjoo is more than two. They only revealed price of Innjoo Max 2 and Innjoo Max 2 specs respectively at 21,500 and 23,500 respectively.

With the price set for these two new Innjoo devices, Innjoo 2 price should be affordable.

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