This is surprising. Infinix zero 3 is advancing without Infinix Zero 2 availability. The new advancing Infinix zero 3 is tagged with harsh tag #HERO3LOGY.

The Infinix company have made it known to tech blogger that they will be mixing the Decembe 15th mobile market with Hero3logy, which is Inifnix zero 3.

Infinix zero 3 specs and price details is still not reveal to tech bloggers as at this time but as seen from XCLUB, Infinix zero 3 will amaze so many flagship smartphone manufacturers with it specs.

The core areas that needed to be improved in Infinix zero 3 over it predecessor include the device CPU, RAM memory, Camera and a better battery improvement.

A date set aside for the launching of the new Infinix zero 3 could be December 15th, but what are to expect from this new #Hero3logy?

The device leaked panel photo of Infinix zero 3 was spotted with higher and better camera.


The part of the expected specs of  Infinix zero 3 when release include


And you will be updated on any latest information concerning Infinix zero 3 on or before and after the release date.