I just can’t express how I felt about Imo video call Android app when a friend mistakenly shares it with me on my new Huawei T17.0 MediaPad after using it for just few days. To start with video call app, Imo wasn’t on my personal and favourite list but today, it outranked all video chat app I have on my Huawei T17.0.

Skype, and viber are my ever used video chat app but little experience with Imo video chat convinced me and the app is incomparable with others, isn’t a competitor though but a perfect one for all and sundry.

This quick overview will tell you how easy it is to make use of Imo video chat app and how you can easily toggle around the application to use it as a conference call app.

As soon as you install the Imo app, it’ll auto-syncs your entire friend that have been using the app and display them as your friend, using their phone number as means of identification. The only downside of Imo is that only your friend on this app will only be notified unless you invite them officially to join Imo via SMS and keep the video calling perfect.

Imo Android video app 2

The funniest part is that, Imo often show up while browsing play store but the app doesn’t make much to me not until now that this app means so much to me. The app isn’t just for video call alone, it also perform the function of mobile chat.

With this app, having a live chat with my friend and family is the most enjoyable thing that ever happen on Imo, the excitement is unquantifiable.

Using Skype for business is most durable and affordable most especially on PC, it can as well be used on mobile but the rate at which the app consumes data is at the speed of light. If you want to use Skype on mobile and enjoy it, then it must be over WiFi otherwise, there will be blockage of transmission but right on Imo video chat, with edge network that is strong enough can power the device and that rate in which the app consume your data is more like chatting on whatsapp or on BBM if not lesser than the data used by these apps.

The beauty of Imo video call app is that it makes use of both the primary and secondary camera of your Android device. The primary camera shows the person you are calling while the secondary camera shows yourself at the top of the screen.

Imo free mobile video app

The demerit here is that without front camera you cannot make use of Imo video chat.

Not only at the top, the displayed video via the secondary camera can be drag and drop to a desire destination in case it’s obstructing your assignment. While making call with this wonderful Imo Android video call app, you can press the menu button on your phone to return to the home screen, yet still making your video call.

Skype is no longer the only video chat that can be used for video conference call, but with this mobile app, you sincerely don’t need PC before you can make a conference video call so far you have your Android phone connected to the internet.

While making video call with Imo, click on the screen of the device and then tap the middle button to enable the primary camera features to start capturing other activities going on the in the room or in the place under the coverage.

Imo Android video app

This is just a perfect way to make video call on your Android and enjoy the device to the fullest. You can download Imo video call app from play store  and Imo for iOS from iTune store.