Would you love to use multiple Instagram account on your iOS device? How would you feel if you have a trick that you can use to let you use multiple Instagram account on your iOS without having to logout each time you have to access another account? Then, if you are interested in this, here we go then.

With various iOS tweak all over the internet, then there should be a possibility to make that happen with less or no stress at all. Recent, we shared the 20 recent tweak you will enjoy on your iOS device and here is another tweak called igSpeedster that let you make use of multiple Instagram account on iOS.

Conventionally, you cannot use multiple instagram account on the same iOS without login out of one and the re-login to the second one but with igSpeedster, you can at the same stime use more than one Instagram account on your iOS device.

What Is igSpeedSter Made For?

igSpeedSter is made for social media manager and power user of Instagram who are currently frustared from the pains of using Instagram. The jailbreak tweak elegantly modifies the Instagram app, allowing you to use multiple Instagram account on iOS device, repost in app, click on link, copy caption and more, saving you potentially up to and over 10,000 minutes per year.

Multiple instagram account on iOS

Manage Multiple Instagram Account On iOS

This really sucks right? Login-in and login-out every time you want to access another Instagram account different from the current one, all in the name of managing multiple Instagram account on your iOS. With igSpeedster you ultimately say goodbye to the pain of switching from one Instagram account to another always.

Can I Save Instagram Media On igSpeedSter?

Sure, you can save Instagram media on igSpeedSter and this is how you can get that done. You can do this in 1 tap as opposed to the 6 taps of opening a separate app, copying and pasting the url and start downloading your media.

Is igSpeedSter A Free iOS Tweak?

Using this tweak is really fun but good things comes with little penny (Only available on the BigBoss repo). You only have the grace of 3 days free trial and after the trial period, if you like igSpeedSter, you can easily go for the paid one.

Have you tried igSpeedSter tweak to manage multiple instagram account on your iOS before now?