Huawei Mate 8 release date unveiled and I know you can’t wait to know when. Huawei CEO, Yu Chengdong has chosen to ease Huawei mate 8 expectant the exact date the smartphone will be made available in some mobile market.

Yu slightly mentioned the launch of this smartphone in the event launching of Huawei watch and Huawei S. But he does not limited his speech to the expected devices but also mentioned Huawei mate 8 as another device to be expect this year.

People were expecting Huawei S to succeed Huawei Mate 7, and he mentioned Huawei mate 8 to be coming this year but failed to unveiled the expected specs of this smartphone officially at the event.

According to Yu, Huawei mate 8 mass production will begin instantly and it was mentioned by Yu, that the mate 8 would rival iPhone 6, but he didn’t say anything concerning the price of this smartphone.

Huawei mate 8 would be the next big thing from Huawei after the release of Huawei mate 7 and S, and indeed anticipated fans will enjoy value for their money.

The actual price of Huawei mate 8 still hide in the wind, but with the look of things, Huawei mate 8 price should fall between $450-$500. This is not a confirmed price though but we drawn oue conclusion from the view of Yu.

Another thing that will likely capture individual attention is likely going to be the device camera, since Huawei mate 8 is competing with iPhone 6, definitely the device should be ready to push out a nice and fantastic camera features.