Making promises is not as hard as fulfilling it. HTC made a promise to pull out HTC One A9 software update after two weeks of making the device available in the market. And finally the promises has come to fulfillment .

If you own a HTC One A9 and reside in US, you device is ready for update according to Mo Versi, HTC’s very own VP of product management.

HTC One A9

The software update is not talking about the major update but to bring about security update to your device and to ensure it is safe and secure.

Being a budget smartphone, the device may be restricted to those that are high ends smartphone freak but for those that has one, updating your HTC One A9 to the current monthly security update won’t harm your device.

In this wise, to keep your HTC One A9 up to date and safe, ensure you update your device to the current software as there is no major installation you need to carry out.

And also, the HTC One A9 security update is not for all sundry but only for US, unlock version.

Aslo keep in mind that, a non US HTC One A9 will soon get the update as the update comes in batches depending on regions.