Beauty in the eyes of beholder, as HTC HD2 finally gets Android Marshmallow update. The 2009 HTC HD2 finally receive the good news of getting Android Marshmallow update that will keep it alive for another few years.

If you still own a HTC HD2, here is the good news about Android Marshmallow update. This HTC HD2 smartphone was releases 6years ago as a windows device, the 4.3 inch HTC HD2 has given hope to so many smartphone that they too may get the Android Marshmallow update one day.

As recoded from XDA forum, the HTC HD2 has just come across it first Android Marshmallow update   from XDA forum senior contributor and a senior staff, macs18max.


The franken ROM of the HTC HD2 device is based on CyanogenMod 13, the first ever version of the popular third-party. An open source platform to itself which is based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

Simply because CM did not support any Android smartphone that is not preloaded with Android OS, macs18max reportedly deployed code from Evervolv project.

The purpose of this is to keep updating an abandoned smartphone to the latest Android Marshmallow OS. This project is still at its early stage, so only limited function of Android Marshmallow is available for now.

Nevertheless, core feature of Android Marshmallow OS such as display, Wi-Fi, and USB ADB mode work perfectly to give users the true taste of Android Marshmallow.